Post-cremation Choices

A range of wood, woven, wool and personalised ashes caskets and urns for burial and internment, or to keep in the home.

Caskets, urns and keepsakes


Made from solid Oak, Mahogany or Paulowina – a light-weight, sustainable and fast-growing alternative to Oak


Bamboo Casket

A natural woven environmentally friendly bamboo casket made by a Fair trade company. The casket comes with an engraved name tag


Willow Casket

These caskets are made from willow farmed in and around the Somerset Levels. They come in a range of shapes – oval, square and rectangular, natural colours and a dyed rainbow design. Each includes a name plate and handmade interior cotton draw string ashes pouch


Woven Urns

These urns are made in Yorkshire using wool from British farmers through the Quality Assurance scheme. The woollen felt creates a warm, comforting alternative to the more traditional wooden caskets, and is finished with an embroidered name plate

Natural £90
Limestone £109

Picture Casket

A picture casket can be matched to any picture coffin with a personalised image to reflect the uniqueness of the person or selected from a range of designs


Scatter Tubes

Scatter tubes can be matched to any picture coffin with a personalised image to reflect the uniqueness of the person or selected from a range of designs

From £25

Water Urns

Biodegradable water urns are designed for water burial (but can be used for earth burial) and will float briefly before gracefully sinking. They are sustainably produced in a variety of natural materials, including recycled paper, rock salt, gelatine and sand



Wood Keyrings

Image coming soon

A wide variety of handcrafted keyrings with a secret compartment for holding ashes, a lock of hair, a handwritten note or soil from the grave site. Created by Chris a local wood turner you can have a personalise keyring by selecting from a range of different wood or supplying your own special piece, deciding the colour of the metal and the actual design.

Personalised Jewellery

Image coming soon

A variety of keepsake jewellery offers comfort and can be customised with the uniqueness of the persons handwriting, drawings, finger hand or footprints. It can also be engraved to further ensure it is uniquely perfect for you

Ashes to Glass

Ashes into glass was established in 2006 and is based in Essex. Each piece of jewellery, paperweight or bowl is individually handcrafted by layering the persons ashes, coloured glass crystals and clear molten glass together using traditional techniques and can also be engraved with a personal message if you want.

You are welcome to visit the studio in person or online when your item is being created.

It takes about six weeks after the order has been placed. We will contact you once it’s been delivered to us so that you can come and collect it at your convenience.

For further information and prices click here. Alternatively simply contact us in whatever way suits you as we the order packs and can order on your behalf at no cost to yourself.

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