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Registering a death

Unless a Coroner is involved you must register the person’s death within 5 days this includes weekends and bank holidays. Most registrars have an appointment system so it’s best to ring or email them first. The government offers a good, clear step by step guide What to do when someone dies along with the Natural Death Centre Charity


Once you’ve registered the person’s death, pause. Take your time with arrangement – quick decisions and actions are rarely required.

Funeral rules

There are very few rules. Funerals don’t need to be expensive. There is nothing to say you have to hire a funeral director, hold a funeral service, have flowers or special vehicles. You’re in charge, so do things the way you want and that reflect the unique person who has died.

You can do it all yourself

There is an assumption that you will want to use a funeral director, but you don’t have to. You can have a home based funeral. People may be amazed, try to dissuade you, disapprove or tell you it’s against the law, put them right. It’s not. Tell them you are the funeral director. We’ll support you, act as consultants throughout the process and drop in whenever you want to check that all is well.

Compare prices

Costs vary hugely between funeral homes. Get three written quotes that list the items and services you want. This will enable you to compare prices and seek clarification. The Natural Death Centre Charity have a helpful list of questions to ask.

Getting help with funeral costs

In certain circumstances you can get help towards funeral costs. The government offers comprehensive funeral payments information while Down To Earth provides practical support and excellent guides. For both services we strongly recommend you view these sites before the funeral has taken place. In addition, we can also help with information and advice.


There is a wide choice of places to be buried from your own garden, to private land; from natural burial grounds to church yards and cemeteries’.

Coffin choices

Choosing a coffin is probably not something you have ever given much thought to, if any. When it actually comes to it, it can feel surreal. It’s difficult. Take your time, there’s a huge range, you can buy direct, or ask us we may be able to get it at a lower price.

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